Baked fish royally with vegetables!

Baked fish royally with vegetables!

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  1. Pink salmon fish 1 pc.
  2. Onion 2 pcs.
  3. Lemon 1 pc.
  4. Tomatoes 2 pcs.
  5. Bell pepper 1 pc.
  6. Coriander 0.5 tsp
  7. Dry greens to taste
  8. Parsley to taste
  9. Lettuce leaves 6 pcs.
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients: Pink, Onion, Lettuce, Lemon, Greens
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Knife, cutting board, mortar, spatula, dish, convenient container, fork, plate


Step-by-step recipe for cooking fish with vegetables: We clean and prepare the fish for preparing our festive dish. In the mortar, carefully grind coriander, dry herbs, add 1 tsp. salt. We grate the fish with the resulting mixture from all sides, add black ground pepper to taste. While our fish absorbs all the spices, cut onion and lemon into half rings. Lay onion and lemon on the foil. Lay out our fish, which we abundantly fill with onion, lemon and parsley . On top, evenly cover with onion and lemon and gently wrap the foil. After making several holes with a toothpick in the foil, put the fish in a convenient container and put the oven in preheated to 200 degrees for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn off the spirit UWC and leave it in our fish languish for another 10 minut.Vykladyvaem on a platter of lettuce leaves on which place our baked rybu.Ukrashaem our dish sliced ​​tomatoes and bell rings pertsem.Prazdnichnaya fish royally with vegetables ready! Enjoy your meal! We cook deliciously, cook simply, cook fish and vegetables at home together!

Recipe Tips:

- Fish for a festive meal can be any, according to your taste.