Salad with Rice, Ham and Pineapple

Salad with Rice, Ham and Pineapple

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  1. Rice 100 grams
  2. Ham 250 grams
  3. Canned Pineapple 5 Rings
  4. Canned corn 1 can
  5. Mayonnaise 3 tablespoons
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Pepper to taste
  8. Parsley for decoration
  9. Cheese 150 grams
  • Main ingredients: Pineapple, Rice


Salad bowl, pan, knife, board


Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

First, turn away the rice in salted water, and cool it.
In the meantime, the groats are cooling, cut the ham into small cubes (you can take any, even meat, even chicken).

Crush cheese with the same cubes

Fold the pineapple rings on top of each other and chop into small slices.
Drain the liquid from the corn.

Step 2: mix the salad with rice, ham and pineapple.

Combine corn, rice, ham, cheese and pineapple in a large salad bowl. Add mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste. Transfer the salad into a beautiful dish, arrange it in tins or in portions using salad rings. Garnish with parsley.

Step 3: serve salad with rice, ham and pineapple.

We serve a salad with rice, ham and pineapples on the festive table with a smile and a wish of guests a pleasant appetite!